Architecture could be described as an art form that provides a beautiful framework in our lives. The practice of Architecture often means balancing the client’s demand of economy and function with the need of each individual who is to live or work in that environment. At Nyréns we look for integrated solutions that bring urban design, master planning, building design, landscaping, interior design and antiquarian building expertise together.

Nyréns is an award winning Swedish architecture practice where the majority of the employees are share holders of the company.

Democratic co-ownership, small design teams dedicated to each project and a flat organisation make Nyréns a place of equality and enthusiasm. All teams have a cross-section of disciplines: including architects, interior designers, landscape architects, master planners and building antiqurians with co-ordination between the groups providing an invaluable breadth of skill and experience. Given Nyrén’s philosophy to involve the clients in the architectural process,  direct contact between our clients and  a key contact within the team is established for every project to achieve close collaboration and ease of communication.

Our mission is to enrich and strengthen humanist values in our surroundings with the help of the creative skill of our employees. Our work is defined by the unique possibilities and demands of each place combined with the wishes of the client.

For more information about Nyréns please call us at +46(0)8-698 43 00 or send a mail to